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Nothing important going on here

Yesterday was a great day. My Daughter, two family friends and I had a Girls Cooking Day. We made a tremendous meal. Our combined families sat outside on a beautiful night and talking and laughing while achieving a food coma.

There is a definite feeling of fall in the air. Nights are cool and day temp have finally dropped from the hellish 90+ degree temps and humidity that makes Our Nations Capitol so charming in the summer.

My Dad built me cabinets and a workbench with drawers for the garage. I’ve been busy applying two coats of wood stain to everything, including my eyes.

Years ago I suffered through a miserable bout of migraines. Once it was confirmed that I did not have a brain tumor, I was so relieved that I bawled in the car driving myself home from the doctor.

I had to pick the kids up from school and didn’t want them to see bleary, teary, red-eyed Mom. I reached into my purse and dosed myself what I thought were eye drops BUT were fish tank desalination drops I had just picked up from the pet store.

I’m really glad my lack of brain tumor didn’t blind me.

The moral of this ramble is 1) I am an idiot and 2) today I poked my wood stain covered finger in my eye.

It burnt and I had to hold my eyes under the tap and remember the last time I had so much eyeball fun. I need to pick on a different body part from now on.

Two weeks from tonight Mr. W and I leave for a three week trip to Greece and Istanbul. WooT! This is officially my best year ever!
Tags: i should leave my eyes alone
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