empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Still around...

I’ve been offline so long that I don’t even know where to start.

In random order:

We are Monster sitting this weekend.  Bunny has discovered how to hop upstairs. He is really cute, friendly and curious. HOWEVER, if that rabbit leaves a dingleberry outside of his cage litterbox, I will not be happy.

My cousin the travel writer won a 2010 Lowell Thomas Silver Award for a story in Westways magazine titled “Everything is Illuminated.”  He makes fun of me buying a chandelier in Venice on a trip we took together a few years ago. I LOVE MY CHANDELIER, which he described it as “looking like a Christmas tree coughed up a gumball machine.” I’m leaving it to him when I die.

Mr. W and I recently returned from a 25th anniversary trip -  two weeks in Greece and a week in Istanbul. 2010 has been an epic year of travel for me.   It was a great trip.

I’m going to start posting about our adventures soon, so if you want to bail from my journal, now is the time. Otherwise, expect to hear me rave about how beautiful Greece and Istanbul were and post pix of our travels. 
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