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Popular opinion from people I knew who had been to Greece: Spend as little time as necessary in Athens and head to the islands. I’m so glad I ignored that advice.

I loved Athens. What a vibrant city, ancient and modern, crowned by the Acropolis. The museums were filled with treasures. The streets were full of interesting people to watch. Athenians were always kind to us. The food was SO GOOD!

Here are the boys from my hood. They played Backgammon all day every day.

There was a bong shop right down the street.

Athens was filled with really cute policemen. They cheerfully posed for me. Sersly pretty guys!

I asked this Street Mime if he was roasting. Yup, he was!

Asia had sushi sculpture. Athens had ice cream sculpture. Food sculpture makes me happy.

This was Mr. W’s favorite snack cart.

We got to the Ancient Agora just in time for the turtle commute. For five minutes, they were everywhere (in the center of the city) and then they were gone. It was so weird.

How creepy are these manikins?

I thought this was an interesting contrast.

Even the graffiti was good.

Ancient gate in the middle of traffic. Here in our Nations Capitol, the oldest monuments are maybe 200 years old. There is just no comparison.
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