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The Oracle at Delphi was mentioned in every myth, legend and history I ever read about ancient Greece. Mr. Wonderful and I took a day trip to see the ruins. By the time the guide had pointed out Marathon and the Oedipus crossroads, I was ecstatic. Have I mentioned that I love Greece?

Delphi and its oracle were founded before recorded history. The site was beautiful.

The Temple was dedicated to Apollo.

Here is another view of the Temple

The Treasury of Athens was located at Delphi, which give you an idea of how wealthy and important the site was.

The site included an Odeon

The museum at Delphi was full of treasures. The Sphinx is famous for terrorizing Thebes. Our guide mentioned that the Sphinx myth originated in Syria, migrating through Greece, Egypt and Asia.

I always thought Sirens were mermaid-ish. Turns out they have chicken legs.

The Charioteer of Delphi was truly the most impressive treasure in a museum of treasures. He was so lifelike, I expected him to talk to me.

Exhausted and happy after a great day, we walked past this costume. No matter how I wheedled, Mr. W wasn’t going to wear it.

“No matter how tired you are, you still have the energy to be annoying,” Tom said to me. “It really is a special gift.”
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