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We had a really nice Thanksgiving. It was a quiet and relaxing Thursday, just the 4 of us, movies and a pan of lasagna. Friday we traveled to Pa and had a family reunion complete with catered Thanksgiving dinner. It was family, friends and a great time where no one had to cook!

I’ve written about it before; Saturday was the annual Dagorhir battle. My BFF and I went to watch. I think its tremendous, loony fun. Below are some pix to give you an idea of the event.

Clash of Battle


Slayer - sersly, she was kicking asses all over the field!

I thought his costume was really wonderfully creative

The mask threw me for a minute - but his eyes were so intense and he was so focused on battle!

How cute is he? Boy knows how to have fun!

Leading the charge

We enjoyed watching for a while, but was cold and windy. We decided to drink hot chocolate and clothes shop instead. I got a couple of shirts and a pair of pants, so I am officially good to go to holiday parties. Today my Daughter and I had a few hours of fun gift shopping. Then we came back to the house and put up the Christmas tree.

I gots my HO HO HO on, y’all. I'm actually sending out Christmas cards in December instead of August. If you want one, drop me an email, ok?
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