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The stupendous landscape of Santorini was surreally beautiful. Because we were there off-season, we had the place mostly to ourselves, except for a newly wed Korean couple we noticed three days in a row. She was wearing her wedding dress and he was taking her picture, every two feet, all day long. I was truly impressed by their stamina.

We stayed in the tiny village of Firostefani. Our villa overlooked the caldera. It was quiet in a way I have never experienced before, and deserted. When we wanted company, a meal or a good bottle of wine, we’d walk the 2K path into Fira. This is the scenery along our walk.

Oia was a few miles up the street away from Fira. I liked the way it clung to the cliffs.

The musical fence made me happy

I thought this church was beautiful and was delighted when, on Sunday morning, I was woken by the sound of church bells.

Finally, I found my mermaid.

I thought this couple was lovely, elderly and frail, sitting quietly with their arms around each other. I imagined a lifetime of love and consideration between them.

Walking past this green door looked to me to be a perfect modern painting.

I’ve been in a lot of amazing places in my life, but Santorini was unique. I realized that I’ve seen man made beauty in a lovely setting like Venice or Angkor Wat, but I’d never seen any place where the natural scenery was so jaw droppingly tremendous. Santorini just filled up my heart! I hope y'all get there someday.
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