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Donkeys and Asses

Mr. W and I loved Santorini. When we weren’t tooling around gaping at the stunning scenery, we sat on our balcony drinking wine while marveling at the stunning scenery.

Mr. W thought a tour of the volcanic island of Nea Kameni and a swim in the hot springs sounded like fun. “Sure,” I said, “set it up.” Off we went to catch a boat. The plan was: a 20 minute walk into town, catch the cable car down the hill, cruise the Aegean, have fun.

To our chagrin, the cable car line was hundreds of people long. “We’ll have to walk down the path to make the boat on time.” Tom told me.

So that is how I happened to be tramping down these stairs

It was a hundred hell hot degrees and we had a long walk down to the dock.

What an amazing smell I discovered!! The trail was liberally festooned with donkey shit roasting in the sun.

A large part of the fun was dodging donkey trains hauling tourists. Hundreds of donkeys clomped by crapping constantly, trying to stomp unwary tourist feet.

My favorite part of the trail was the section where the donkeys were parked ass out. I got crowded behind a tourist who stopped to take a picture of a donkey lifting its tail. “Are you kidding me?” I snarled at her as I pushed by. I got out of range but she found out what donkeys do with their tails up.

After an hour of this good time, my brains were boiling and my temper was in murderous orbit. Mr. W was so far ahead I couldn’t strangle him in front of witnesses.

I say truthfully to you, Gentle Reader: If this had happened on our honeymoon we would have never made it to our 25th wedding anniversary.

So here I am, on the boat, ready to bite my husband NOT in the fun way. He now uses this photo as his screen saver. Tool! He says it’s a reminder of our 25 years of Bliss. It was NOT a Marriage Enhancing Moment.

For the record, we had a great time once I calmed done. It’s hard to stay mad in Greece.
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