empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Paros Redux

Mr. W and I rented a car and spent a day tooling around Paros. We drove to Koukounaries and climbed up to the Mycenaean acropolis. We sat for a long time, admiring the views.

We had lunch at the village of Nauosa. It had a very Venetian vibe with its narrow twisty lanes and canals.

We were really alone on Nauosa, far past the end of tourist season.

We wandered into Lefkes in the middle of the afternoon. Siesta was taken very seriously. We didn’t see a anyone the whole time we were there. Why isn’t this my garden? No problem with deer here.

I liked this doorknocker.

Tom liked this church.

I loved this sign.

I had to laugh; Mr. W sent this pix to our kids with the caption “This is my day, sorry you aren’t here.”

Then he did this for the rest of the afternoon.
Tags: paros redux
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