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In season, Mykonos is the glamour island of the Cyclades. Luckily, we were there off-season or we’d have lowered the cool factor big time. There were no cruise ships or tour busses. We saw a few honeymooning couples, most notably the Cheerios Bride.

Our hotel included a truly stunning breakfast buffet overlooking the Aegean. We were lingering over coffee when Bridezilla prissed into the room, stuffed into a dress two sizes too small. She took one look at the buffet and whined loudly, “There’s nothing to eat here but Cheerios.”

“Every day. For the rest of your life.” Tom said to the groom. We scampered out.

Our hotel was lovely and since it was so far off season, very isolated feeling.

We took a walk every day

The sunset was lovely

Here we are walking into the sunset. I’m lucky to have Mr. W for my sunset years.
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