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Delos is an island a few kilometers off the coast of Mykonos. It’s history puts me into full dork overload. Here goes:

It is famous as the mythical birthplace of Greek God twins Apollo and Artemis. By the 8th century BC it became a shrine to Apollo and the oldest temples on the island date to that period. Athens also established an alliance in 478 BC with the Delian League, which kept its treasury on Delos. It was a rich and powerful place in Hellenistic times.

My babbling point is: there was a ton of beautiful ruins there and we had a great daytrip. Here be pictures. I’m not going to bore you with narration.

The return trip was more excitement than I ever care to have on a boat. We had noticed all the white cap waves on the Aegean, and the wind, but hadn’t realized that translated into rough seas for the return ferry ride.

OY!! The boat heaved around, people’s belongings went flying and the snack bar launched missiles. Everyone not us was arfing into helpfully provided bags. Between the heaving boat with the waves breaking up over the windows, the screaming people and the retching sounds, I was having a memorable event. It took forever to get back to the dock.

Naturally, all the excitement didn’t bother Mr. W at all. He was all for eating lunch when we stumbled off the boat.

“Are you kidding me? Right now dry land seems to be moving around. I’m still debating whether or not to puke.”

“You’re fine,” Tom told me. “You just need a glass of wine.”

He was right.
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