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Tis the Season

I was hoping to finish posting about my 2010 travels, but it isn't going to happen by year end. SORRY!

I wanted to let 'yall know how honored I am to call you friends.

So many people on my flist are coping with deaths, illnesses - both human and pet – and sound so stressed. It’s always awful to have these kind of miseries, but at Christmas it just seems worse, somehow.

*Wishing everyone a moment of grace in this holiday season*

We are ready around here. Today, I’ve been humming “Tis the season to clean potties” and now its done, along with the baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing, hauling groceries and cooking. I can kick back with my family and let the happy happen. BulYA!

This is the note I put in my Christmas cards:

Happy Holidays!
Here’s 2010 in bullet points

• Patti and Tom celebrated 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Greece and Istanbul. It was a great trip and we had FUN.

• Patti and Leslie took a trip to South Korea and Thailand. It was a great trip and we had FUN.

• Patti stayed in Thailand for 4 weeks, took a side trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It was interesting and FUN. Patti had an extra large helping of fun in 2010.

• Tom says he alternates between being a Tech Star at work and a Rock Star for fun. I think he alternates between being a Geek God and a Greek God.

• Leslie’s launched – working at CNN, her own apartment and happy life. We are being brave toasters about her being all grown up. I was thinking she could live at home till she turned 50.

• Evan wants everyone to know he is awesome with awesome sauce. He’s in college, doing well. He also mentioned that he is wicked handsome.

So that’s it – we are happy and healthy, loving life and very aware of how lucky we are. We hope to see family and friends often in 2011 – y’all are the joy in our lives.


Thank you, my online back porch community, for sharing your lives with me. I hope you all have a great holiday however you celebrate.
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