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Happy 2011

I just dropped Mr. W at metro - so it is officially the end of the Holiday Season. As much fun as it was I am so happy for normal again. I hope I can remember where the gym is....

Summary of the holidays here at Empresspattiland:

We had fun at parties. I had cooking baking days with my Daughter and good friends. Mr. W and I got to see movies and go out to dinner. It was a lovely time with my extended family.

I had that elusive moment of grace during the holidays, realizing all over again how lucky I am. It’s a little known fact that Santa is a woman, but this year didn’t feel like it was all about shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing chores.

It’s been a happy holiday season.

I had the opportunity to visit a college girlfriend I’ve rarely seen in decades. It was fun to meet her husband and talk to her Mom and sisters. It was really great catching up.

We were the recipients of the
Christmas Prank this year. Coming home from Christmas Eve service, we were greeted by 10 menacing reindeer marching behind Evol Santa. Santa was sporting a machine gun, a glow in the dark machete and a hit list.

Everyone in the ‘hood was horrified by the decorations in our front yard, which makes it even more funny. Thank Gwad we have a year to figure out how to top this!

No matter how I try - this pix won't post right way up. I told you this was Evol Santa!

2010 was easily the most to interesting and exciting year of my life. I saw South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece and Istanbul.

Life goes by really fast. I’m gong to be 56 this year and the days seem to zoom by in a rushing wind. Here comes 2011 – I hope everyone reading this had a great holiday and is anticipating a happy new year. I’m ready to rumble!  Right side up.
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