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Some days are good for no real reason

Had a great workout this morning.  30 minutes on the elliptical, which got me to 450 calories.  So maybe making chocolate chip cookies last night wasn't a totally bad thing.  Then, since the class had just started I did an hour of step aerobics and abs.  I finished up with a full circuit of lifefitness and free weights and by the time I got in the shower I was one tuckered old lady.

Off to Whole Foods to order the fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.  I am having everyone over here so I thought I'd make a real effort this year.    Also - since I was standing in the store I got a shrimp wrapped something to gobble on the drive home as it was 1p and all that working out made me ready to eat something, anything, hurry!

Picked up the usual carload of kids to take home from school and my son was in a great mood as it is Friday and homework is just a distant thought until tomorrow morning.  I gave serious thought to raking leaves - they are thick on the ground in my corner of the world.  Just about then I noticed the way the sun was shining right on the couch and it was naptime....

So now I have a house full of boy that want driven to the football game.  Fine by me.  Going to dinner at my parents because my son is going out and my husband has to work late.  Nobody makes chicken and dumplings like my Mom!

Days like this stay in my heart a long time.  The sounds of kids thumping around the house, the anticipation of seeing beloved parents, knowing that my husband will make me laugh when he gets home.  Daughter is at college, but I will see her Sunday and I can hardly wait.   

Nothing new or different - ordinary happiness for no real reason.

Tags: some days are good for no real reason
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