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We in Empresspattiland have been party animals.  You might have heard the shriek when I stepped on the scale.  Ugh!  Three catered events in three days and I am going to have to do the Elliptical for a month to make up for the damage! 

Still, it has been FUN.  I didn't get stuck at any of these events with some stuffed shirt who ranted about Property Values or The State of the World is Dreadful. I dodged Women who Seriously Consider Botox AND Angry Guy who talks about his Car/Golf Game/Ex Wife. 

Thinking back, however, those people might have kept me from the buffet... 

Also working in my favor - the Redskins lost the crucial game and are no longer contenders for the Superbowl so I didn't have to pretend I give a crap.  When I was younger I used to think football might be interesting if they played naked.  Even naked football would not convince me to watch in my old age.  My eyes just glaze over with boredom.  Seems like the same game over and over...   

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I discovered this:  http://smartypants.diaryland.com/ .  I have been laughing out loud, hope you enjoy!



Tags: party animals
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