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I was supposed to be seeing a play at the Kennedy Center tonight. Plans went astray.

This afternoon I went to Kaiser for a Reclast infusion. They had to stick me 3 times to find a vein and when it was all over, my hand squirted a big plume of blood on my chin, shirt and sweater. Blergh - what a mess.

I’m in my pj’s, camped in bed with a Netflix dvd (Being Human - eh). My hands are all bruised up.

OK – enough of the pity party. I have a few more posts to finish up Istanbul. So here goes…

The Haghia Sophia is one of the world’s oldest churches and a great architectural achievement. It has influenced architecture in all following centuries.

It has also been a Mosque – Christians and Muslims have fought over it since the crusades. To an American like me, the sheer fact that it is a more than 1400-year-old holy place fills me with wonder.

Walking into AyaSophia reminded me of walking into the Blue Mosque. It is to enter a place of worship, beauty, history and architecture. It has been described as an earthly mirror of the heavens.

After all those years of being fought over, it is now a World Heritage site, secular, welcoming to all people. How great is that?

The Church of Holy Wisdom

This is the Ablutions fountain. When AyaSophia was used as a mosque, it was customary to wash before worship.

The sun was streaming through the windows

Due to constant threat of assassination, the Sultan had his own balcony for worship

I thought the pulpit was beautiful.

Here is another shot of the interior. It is very hard to convey the HUGE scale of this place

The Domes were lovely. The calligraphy was stunning. I wish I knew what it said.

As you can see, it had been a Christian Church and a Mosque

Here is a look at the tremendous arches

Attached to the Church was the Mausoleum of Selim ll. I thought it was really interesting – but as far as I could tell, he was mostly famous for being a drunk.
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