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The Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is both ancient (it opened in 1461) and legendary.

It was a visual treat, and full body experience that had my eyes going in opposite direction. I think it looked like Ali Baba’s cave of treasures.

The Grand Bazaar was crowded and chaotic. There was also Turkish Delight candy everywhere. Naturally, after seeing this display, Mr. W and I had to buy some.

I had lugged a chandelier home from Venice years ago and never regretted the effort or expense. I wanted a lamp from Istanbul for my front hall. Aren’t the lamps pretty?

I had a flashback to my college years

I bought a couple of bowls with the moon and crescent.

I thought these hats were awesome.

Everyone wanted to sell us carpets. We had a lot of polite conversations with shopkeepers. It seems like everyone had family somewhere in America, or had visited. We bought some antique bells, a few scarves, three pieces of calligraphy. I wish I had bought one of these...

We finally wandered into Queen Silver and Souvenir. The owner could not have been nicer. He offered us apple tea and we sat on the floor and talked price. It took some time, but we finally came to an agreement. We lugged the lamp over to DHL shipping (right down the street from our hotel!) where it was half price to ship to the US that week. How great was that?

Here is my beautiful lamp, hanging in my house. I have a little piece of Istanbul to look at every day.
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