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Back in the USA

We are having actual winter weather here in Our Nations Capitol. Huzzah! Another reason for me to stay home. I'm turning into a hermit. BUT I'm getting the first pass at organizing taxes done, so at least I'm not totally worthless!


We had several marriage enhancing moments packing to leave Istanbul. We had shipped the lamp BUT we had loot galore.

Our hotel room was small, it was loaded with stuff to cram into our luggage and we were bumping into each other. Also – except for our travel clothes, our laundry was rank from the rainy weather. We had to chase it around the room, trap it and cram it in our luggage.

I had purchased 20 velvet belly dance scarves complete with jingling coins for gifts. I finally crammed them into my carryon case. Then I found a final pile of smelly laundry, double wrapped it in plastic bags and shoved it in the carryon too.

Naturally, when we changed planes in Germany, the entire airport viewed my plain white smelly unmentionables. I don’t know what horrified the security guy more, stinky laundry or the belly dancing scarves.

The airports in Athens, Romania, Istanbul and Munich were modern and lovely. After the hospitality offered me in Asia and Europe, I realized what a bad first impression any traveler would get landing in the US. Dulles International airport is the TURD World. What a badly organized, inefficient DUMP. It’s an embarrassment.

Still, coming out of customs and seeing the kids and my folks made me very happy. I’m really lucky to have the family I have.

Our kids liked these hats.

On his first day back at CNN, Tom called me laughing hysterically. His staff had foiled his office. He spent the better part of the day unwrapping everything, right down to the pencils.

Even funnier? After Tom’s staff had foiled his office the first time they had to take it all down to accommodate a visiting VIP. It takes real dedication to do this twice!

So that’s it – my 2010 Odyssey. Sheer luck found me in South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece and Istanbul.

Thanks for sharing it with me.
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