empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Snow 2011

We have a shitload of snow here – and enough downed trees and branches to ensure power outages big time. Our power lines are buried (thank you jebus) so we are fine. The neighbors aren't so lucky.

Just about every tree in our yard lost at least one branch. Cleanup will be an extensive, expensive nightmare, someday. But not now.

Mr. W and Son have been busy digging out the elderly neighbor and running an extension cord so she’d have some power.

My Son was up fairly early – he cleaned his room and vacuumed. Moments later the girlfriend appeared, along with 3 of her friends. He made them pancakes and eggs. They brought mac & cheese and all the stuff to make some kind of corn tortilla cheesy breakfast thing. WooT!

We had an unexpected guest last night. My oldest friend was trapped by the snow, traffic and emergency vehicles. Thank Gwad she managed to make it to our ‘hood. She had to ditch her car and walk a while, but we had pj’s, wine, food and a warm bed. We dug her out this am and sent her on her way.

So now I’m watching 4 beautiful girls and my son make a metric ton of good food. I love snow days….
Tags: i love snow days
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