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*sigh* and Adventures in Pants Land


::Looks around::




My daughter is back at school, second semester of college and already a sophomore.  She did not inherit my slacker genes. 


I miss her and at the same time, am glad she is gone.  It sounds confusing; you should feel how it makes my stomach feel.  I wanted her to grow up independent and strong.  Now that it is happening, I want my little girl back.  Go figure.




I miss my Parents.  They are in Arizona until the end of March.




This week something really different happened to me.  I was walking through the grocery store parking lot with both arms full of bags and as I got to my car, my pants fell down.


Yup.  Good thing it was dark. 


So it is official.  I have lost weight and my pants no longer stay up.  Last May, before I left for my European adventure I bought a pair of size 14 jeans.  It had been a while since I had fit into that size and I had a real feeling of accomplishment.  Lately, I have been hitching them up with a belt, which broke in the grocery store parking lot. 


Luckily, I have a good sense of humor or having my jeans caroom to my ankles in public would have been a bad thing.


Today I fit into Ann Taylor Loft size 10 jeans.  They are a little tighter than I normally wear but were on sale for $19.95.  Fit just fine at that price.  The 12’s were just too big. 


Weird.  By the scale, I haven’t lost that much more weight.  Since I started being serious on the elliptical, lifting free weights and using the leg machines, I have peeled off inches. 


I live and die by what the scale says, but I may wear these pants inside out so everyone can see the size on the label.


I could mention it to Mr. Wonderful, but he’ll get that deer in the headlights look he always gets when pant size is mentioned. 


I miss my Mom and Daughter, they would get the yipee, wahoo and hurrays.


Tags: *sigh* and adventures in pants land
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