empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Back from a place far, far away

Reasons I haven’t updated in months:

My Brother had prostrate cancer and I was cranky and upset.

My Daughter got engaged and I was busy doing Mother of the Bride stuff.

Both these facts landed on me within the same 4 minutes. I think my brain exploded a little.

I visited my Parents at their winter digs in Tucson Az. I visited my Brother in California so I could go to orientation and cancer treatments with him.

I’ve worked like a crazy person in my neglected garden. I’ve dug, mulched, planted, deer netted and trimmed trees. Physical labor helps me deal with worry and anger. I was just so pissed that my little brother had cancer. He’s doing really well and will have a complete recovery.

So, Recently….

I quit being pissed at the universe. Carrying around a lot of turmoil in my brain makes me tired and cranky.

Maybe it’s a fundamental lack of intelligence, but I’m not capable of sustaining a bad mood. Anger takes a lot out of me and I’m happier when I’m happy, yaknow?

I might be deeply shallow, but I’m the type who laughs when I sit in gum or sets my bangs on fire lighting the grill. Life is just better when I’m not worried sick or angry. Duh.


My Daughter was part of the CNN team that won a Peabody award for their coverage of the BP Gulf oil spill. She’s having a big year – so congrats to the award winning journalist!

My Son turns 20 today. He’s turning into a wonderful man. Wow! No more teenagers living in Empresspattiland. Truly the end of an era.

So that’s where I’ve been. I’m hoping to be here more often, now.
Tags: the state of me
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