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The miracle of electricity. The marvel of working appliances.

It is sweltering in Our Nations Capital. My home, however, is a center of frosty goodness. I signed up for the Pepco Rewards last summer. Pepco steals kilowatts when they need them from me; I keep the A/C at 77 plus run an extra fan in my direction anytime I break a sweat.

We won’t be using the oven or dryer, but at least I’m not Miss Peg and Gary.

Last seen, they were my hosts in Thailand. Now, back in the USA they have had the singular distinction of having their refrigerator, central air and dehumidifier all die over Memorial Day weekend. Talk about your trifecta of misery…

They also had company – Gary’s Mom is here, stopping on her way back from somewhere to collect them. The three travel to Wisconsin for a quick trip back to the family farm, I’m guessing to cool off.

No way I’d get on an airplane with them. Just sayin…

Anyway, they all spent Memorial Day here, where food and home are kept at civilized levels of - um – civilization? Temperature? Did my snark train just derail?

“You can spend the night too, if you want,” I said to them, “as long as you promise not to touch any of my appliances.” They declined the honor and I declined the hug. I didn’t want any of their bad mojo spreading to me.

Mr. Wonderful didn’t make such a good deal. He shook hands with Gary as he left. The next day the curse continued. CNN lost power about 6 minutes before Wolf Blitzer was due to anchor his broadcast from the Washington Bureau. There was a big ole situation in The Situation Room.

Cue hysterical panic. Mr. W has responsibility for lots of the technical aspects of the bureau. He had to wade into a mass of gibbering show producers and ruin their day.

The solution was to throw up a light (the better to roast the anchor with) in front of the building and have Wolf anchor the broadcast outside. Of course he was outside wearing wool suit & tie in the 100+ degrees. He had run 11 flights downstairs to make air on time. I think his makeup melted off his face.

This also meant that someone from live production (my Daughter) got to run multiple times from the 11th floor to the anchor location. And back.

“So,” I asked her later that evening, “how was your day?”

“Well, I got my workout done wearing Dry Clean Only” she said, “plus, every homeless person in a twelve block radius showed up to watch the live show. It was a zoo.”

Mr. Wonderful got home very late. With everything going on, he had one regret.

“Two of my techs were coming back from Capital Hill when the Pepco transformer underground near Union Station blew” he told me. “They said a manhole cover launched about 100 feet in the air and landed like a quarter spinning on the sidewalk. I’d have loved to see that.”

Miss Peg and Gary have discovered their superpowers. Fire in the hole!
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