empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Sometimes you have to take the Pj's off and go out!

Last night was a typical Friday.  I was in my pj's by 830p and Mr. Wonderful was snoring at 9:30p.  When the phone rang, I assumed it was DISASTER because no one ever calls our house at 9:45p on a Friday unless it is an emergency. 

Could we be any more boring? 

Much to my surprise it was an old friend, last mentioned, as the guy who thought me sitting in gum the night I got engaged was hilarious.  The conversation went like this:

"So what are you doing?  Are you guys up for seeing a band or are you too old to go out?"

"Hey"! I told him, "I have been known to rock and roll."

Turns out that an old friends band was playing at a pub 15 minutes away from the house.

Mr. Wonderful whined about going out.  Then he played the ‘Dad card’ – “I’ll stay home with number only son.”

“Hey! E-man,” I hollered, “wanna go see a band?”

He popped out of his room and said “SURE”.

So off we went. 

The band played the blues; I had a soda, Mr. Wonderful had a beer and today my Son got to tell his friends he was tired because he was in a bar listening to music till 1:30am.

We had so much fun listening to music, seeing old friends.  I hadn’t seen the bass player for at least 25 years and really enjoyed introducing him to Mr. W and Son.

So tonight we’ll all be in bed by 8:30a, but last night we rock and rolled!!

P.S.  In spite of my delight yesterday, one day/late night in my size 10 Anne Taylor hip hugger jeans was enough. I went to Target today and bought size 12 waistband around my waist no label jeans.  I don’t care what the style is, my ass is happier in baggy pants.

As long as they don’t fall down

Tags: sometimes you have to take the pj's off
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