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The Pig through the Belly of the Snake

Last Saturday I wrapped up 4 straight weeks of company (more on that later), which coincided with two weeks of Monster custody. It was tremendous, exhausting fun. Afterwards, I cleaned for two days and am now reveling in a spotless, empty house. I’m not going outside, even to get the mail.

Our Nations Capital is the approximate temperature of a blowtorch. This makes me cranky. I had to take Mr. W’s computer to the morons working the genius bar at the Apple store.

Egads! That place gives me a North/South problem – a miserable headache and a pain in my ass. After waiting for 10 minutes for a work order receipt I had this conversation with my Special Genius Moron:

Him: “The system is really slow, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Me: “Go old school. Get a piece of paper and write it in your blood.  I want out of here.”


So – Company!

I had my 15 yr old twin niece and nephew for the annual visit. We hiked in Maryland and Pennsylvania, spent a day at the beach, had a tour of the Capital and University of Md (come to college on the east coast!) went to the Folklife Festival. My niece and I cooked together, I had several event family meals including my Parents 81&82nd bd parties. We had grudge match card games and generally tore around every day. I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

Niece and Nephew were one day gone when my Cousin the Travel Writer and his stunning, spectacular girlfriend arrived for 10 days. They were attending the Dali Lama’s teachings and ceremonies in DC.

In return for educating us on Tibetan Holy Men and Buddhism, we took them to the Time-Warner Harry Potter movie screening in DC. What a great finale to a wonderful franchise. Both books and movies were tremendous fun.

In my Daughter’s wedding news, I’ve done more clothes shopping this summer than I have for the rest of my life combined. My wardrobe can be summed up in one word: tragic.

Between wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings and misc special events (Bar Mitzvah) I’ve been scrambling to Not Look Awful.

In the Thank Gwad it wasn’t me but Random clothing observance – don’t wear swishy, flirty chiffon dresses on a DC Potomac river, evening booze cruise. My dress hemline stayed firmly south, but the evening breeze provided thongs on parade for the other guests.

Last night Mr. W came home to a clean house, nice dinner and just me. We sat at the table and talked, ate and laughed.

“Wow,” I said, ‘all that company was like a Pig through the belly of the Snake.”

“Maybe” said Mr. W, “but now might be the calm before the wedding. This is a year on roller skates.”
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