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 I’m sure y’all from the far southern climes are used to the heat. I HATE it. Plus, in a revolting development, my upper half is covered in heat rash.

I was eagerly looking forward to tonight. The Bride and the Mother of the Bride were going to catch some dinner and a late movie. Then the Debt Ceiling talks broke down yet again. The Bride is stuck in the newsroom with Bloviators yammering on air.

Back in my day, it was
Elian Gonzalez. I vividly remember the entire newsroom yelling “Put the kid on the boat, already.” At some point, no matter how important or compelling the story, everyone just wants to go home. And you can’t.

In other whiny non-news, I got to the gym for the first time in a month today. Exercise did wonders for my heat rash, I say sarcastically. Plus, I felt like I was hauling a cement ass around in a wagon.

I keep thinking that it’s time for me to take up yoga. I can’t continue forever getting my heart rate up by impact on my hip, knee and ankle joints.

Unfortunately, I’m a cynical motor mouth. Being quiet and still makes me think my ears are going to pop off and is not something I’ve been able to accomplish without farting.

Em –sorry for the overshare.
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