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Perfect sleeper

Monday Morning my Daughter sent me this adorable picture of Monster.

He was sleeping at her feet while she was working in her office. What a sweet bunny.

Fast forward a few hours. I’m out running endless errands. I answered my mobile phone. My Daughters screech not only blasted my eardrums numb, it forced me off the highway to a side street with my brain jangling. She was using her opera voice - Girlfriend is lethal loud.

“Mom!! Monsters stuck up in the box springs of my bed. I have to get him out and I’m not strong enough to move the king size mattress.”

“I guess the maintenance men could help you move the bed." I said, "Or you could just shake his treat bag,” Monster comes running at the sound of a plastic bag rattling.

So she shook the treat bag and in her own words….

I mean it was ridiculous. One minute I was all OMG MONSTER MOMMY WILL SAVE YOU JUST STAY CALM I’M COMIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then two seconds later he popped his head out and I thought you little shit you better run for your life.

Monster had chewed a hole though the underneath lining of her box spring and was happily making a nest inside, so he could sleep cozy and close to his Mom.

Cue trying to keep Monster out of the bedroom, plus an emergency Home Depo run for chicken wire and a staple gun.

Monster proofing the bed will be the Saturday project, hauling around the king sized mattress, stapling the chicken wire to the underside of the box springs. Glad it’s not my job.

I got this email late Monday night….

Greg and I are laying in bed reading and we hear THUMP munchmunchmunchmunch. Monster somehow scooted into our room without us seeing and CRAWLED BACK UP INTO HIS CUBBYHOLE for a goddamn bedtime story!!!!!!


Monster loves his Mommy. What a perfect sleeper
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