empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Most boring Natural Disaster ever

I was driving so I completely missed the earthquake.

Standing outside my Daughters uber-secure apartment building, I was annoyed that my mobile didn't work. We had plans for lunch.

I stood around like a big ol creeper for a while, finally banging on the door. Someone in the lobby let me in. Everyone was huddled around watching CNN, natch. I discovered I missed the earthquake.

I walked into the building managers office to tell them I was there. Security in the building is good and I didn’t want to sneak upstairs like a loser and embarrass my Daughter.

“Of course I know you,” said the manager, “Go on up.” It’s nice to be famous!!

Girlfriend was back within minutes, with another friend who was Loosing Her Shit.

“Egads!” I said, “It’s the most interesting thing that’s happened all week. Plus, over. Why are you still sniveling?”

“That was pretty much my perspective,” my Daughter said, “but everyone else at the store was hollering for fun.”

Mr. Wonderful was pouring himself a cup of coffee when the Big One hit. He sipped his coffee and watched everyone run around screaming. Then he walked down the stairs and enjoyed an hour outside with all his CNN buddies while facilities checked the building.

“It was really nice to have a break on a beautiful day,” he told me. “I had a sammich and laughed in the sun.”

I had the most boring Natural Disaster ever.
Tags: boring natural disaster
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