empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Maybe the earthquake was the best thing that could have happened to me...

I have been complaining that the earthquake was a non-event for me. Karma kicked my ass.

Wandering around outside of my home, looking for any signs of earthquake anything, I paused under the largest tree in my yard. I noticed that the base of a tree had a hole. I gave it a poke and a huge section of the tree trunk gave way.

Turns out – the base of the 100+ foot tree closest to my house was hollow. I was afraid to sneeze because it would have blown that tree down across my house.

$2,500 later – which was a tremendous bargain – I have a big hollow stump, a huge pile of mulch and a tremendous sense of relief. One good breeze would have blown that tree across my home. Hurricane Irene would have killed us.

Be safe, peeps!
Tags: karma kicked my ass
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