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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Giant Spider

Daytime Hurricane Irene was boring – it rained steadily.  The local and national media was hyper.  No raindrop went unreported.  I went to sleep at 11p.
The real noise started about 1am.  The trees threshed around.  It sounded like a freight train rumbling through.  Since we have many old, huge trees in our yard, it was anxiety producing.  Mr. Wonderful was snoring away, irritating me no end.  I consoled myself thinking that the real damage threat got cut down the day before.
Then I heard The Noise – the unmistakable sound of a tree trunk cracking.  Happily, there was no huge thump of a tree mashing my home into splinters.  I knew Something Happened, but it was a dark and rainy night, no visibility.  Since I wasn’t dead, I fell asleep.
At 7am it was still hosing rain.  Even my pre-coffee brain noticed a huge tree had snapped in our next-door neighbors yard.  A tree in our yard had broken the fall.  Our tree was damaged; theirs was a disaster in progress
If the tree finished its fall, it would have taken the homeowner shed, our tree house/shed combo, fence and my backyard neighbors shed all in one big crunchy smashup.  
I got to be the Krap Fairy – waking them up to show them the damage and implore them to get a tree service asap.  What a way to start the day.
Mr. W, our Son and I had a full day of cleanup.  We piled up a mountain snapped branches.  Just as we were thinking Dump Run, county workers and the big mulcher truck came by and picked it all up for us.  THANKS State Employees!
We shoveled and hauled a mountain of wood chips (I stopped counting at 100 wheel barrows full) up our hill and dumped it all over the gardens.  We watched really brave men take the huge tree down without killing anyone or their sheds.  We hauled the deck and porch furniture back up from the basement.  Then I made dinner for my Parents, who don’t have power.  I am officially POOPED.
As I was heading to bed, I spotted a spider as big as my hand (sersly - HUGE) cruising around the living room floor.  I was shrieking and heading for the Maryland State Yellow Pages, or maybe a Buick to mash it.
Mr. Wonderful put his 16 oz water glass over it.  Killer spider proceeded to throw a fit – hopping high enough to hit the top of the glass.  The hairs on my arms are still standing straight up. 
Naturally, Mr. W had to carefully take the spider out and put it in the yard, so I can have many more nightmares tonight.  I still have goose bumps.  The whole house smells like sawdust.  I’m cranky.
Our Daughters wedding is two (ish) weeks away.  We just had an earthquake, a hurricane and a monster spider.  How about some CALM, ok Universe?
Tags: can i please buy some calm
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