empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Marthas Vineyard dispatch 1

I'm too busy to do anything but cut and paste an email I sent out to my Girlfriends....Just wanted everyone to know that things are good here during Wedding Week.....

Greetings from MV!! We are having a great time. The first few days, when it was only the Happy Couple, Mr. Wonderful and I, it rained. It was wonderful!! We slept in, relaxed and generally had the blessing of good books and afternoon naps. Saturday everyone arrived, I threw a dinner party which was a raging success. I went to bed beat, but won enough brownie points to be off kitchen duty for the remainder of the trip.

Since then, we've been taking people around the island, showing them the sights. It has been BEAUTIFUL here. Our house is just as lovely as we remembered. I'm having lobster rolls for lunch and decided if I don't fit into my MOB dress - oh well!

Right now, tonight, we've all decided to stay home, drink old fashioned (Southern Comfort is everyone's friend) and play hand and foot. My Mom brought an automatic card shuffler, My Aunt is wearing a visor and it's boys against girls. You would not believe the smack talk going around. Aunt Fay just told Uncle John to stop chewing crackers so loud.

So that is the update - we are having FUN big time. The sniffy/emotional/uncomfortable clothes and shoes part is still a few days away. Time for another cocktail!
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