empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

What have you done for me lately?

I’ve declared October the “I’m not doing a THING for anyone” month.

This year I helped two friends pack up their homes due to divorce. I had 4 weeks of company. I’ve hosted at least 10 event dinners for my family. I was Mother of the Bride, which included a wedding/family vacation where I kept 8 people over 80 busy and happy. Which, btw, was truly my pleasure.

So NO – In October I am not driving you to the airport, picking up your mail, babysitting your kid or being useful in any way. I’m on the couch with a book.

Which is a lie, occasionally. Today I worked out like a young (er) person and then had a cleaning frenzy topped by rubbing lemon oil all my wood furniture. It was surprisingly satisfying work with instant results. I got in the shower at 4p then put on my pj’s.

Naturally, my new son-in-law dropped in. Luckily he’s seen me in pjs before. Now I’m storing the humongous wedding dress box. Monster the wonderbunny would eat it if it lived with the Happy Couple. That rabbit is a menace.

I think I’ve finally sorted/gotten out from under all the emotions that swirled around my brain while my Daughter got married. Summary as follows:

She married a great guy I really like. We had a really fun family time and their decision to have a tiny destination wedding was perfect and romantic. His Family is wonderful and we all like each other. I managed to not look awful for multiple occasions in spite of how much I hate shopping.


Throughout the whole ceremony, I maintained my strict No Sniveling Policy. BUT

As I sat watching my beautiful daughter get married, I felt her little girl weight on my chest, sitting on my lap. My Girl started her new family while her childhood sat against my heart.
Tags: the last thing to say about the wedding
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