empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Somehow we missed the weather

In spite of hysterical cries of SNOWFLAKE from all the weathermen, somehow Our Nations Capital managed to survive the rain and glop of Saturday afternoon. The plants on my deck are still flowering.

In other words: Big Nothingburger. But Congress is in session for the next three weeks so there will be plenty to be miserable about soon. Mr. W and my Daughter will have long hours at CNN getting each idiotic utterance on the air.

My October hibernation didn’t work out as planned. I’ve spent the last 14 days *dying* of a miserable cold and sounding like I was going to hack up a lung.

My ears were so congested that I had !stabby!ear! fun (tubes inserted in my eardrums) again. It was worth the pain of tube drama to know that if I’m ever healthy enough to go to a restaurant again I’ll be able to eavesdrop on everyone like usual.

I’d like to thank Miss Peg for this. I swear – I caught this plague by talking to her on the phone when she first got sick. Tomorrow – three weeks later, I’m going over to sit at her house, drink tea and practice breathing. If we aren’t too pathetic, we’ll go out to lunch to check my eavesdropping skilz. Just like little old ladies.

Speaking of FUN – a few days ago a three-man team washed my mold covered house and gutters. Then they scrubbed the windows, storm windows and screens.

I brewed an extra pot of coffee so I could sit around drinking with my feet up while I watched MEN CLEAN THINGS. Sersly - it's about the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Now my house sparkles like Meyer vampires!!

Yup – my life is exactly that boring.
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