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Sometimes life really brings the fun

“Yeesh,” my Daughter told me earlier today, “first I have to watch Cain go !Boom! Now I have to listen to this Penn State thing. Men are gross! Plus, every person commentating for CNN had a stoopid moment on air. It’s been a busy day on the Assignment Desk.”

I love the ironic zest of sarcasm life affords me. “Yup. I had the fun of covering the Anita Hill Hearings. The stupid oozed off the walls. So, how’s the new hubby?”

“He’s great. A trainable man.” My Girl makes me laugh.

“It took me two years to housebreak Mr. Wonderful,” I confided.

My Daughter was curious. “How long did it take to housebreak me?”

“Not that long, but I had to do it twice. Once when you were almost three and then again when you were 14. Only at 14 I called it ‘making you grow up into a reasonable adult’ even though it was the same damn thing as housebreaking.”

“WoW”, said my Daughter, “ I remember that! Am I done?”

“Well, today you are. We’ll see about tomorrow.”

“Is Evan ever going to be done?” My Daughter spends a lot of time in her younger brothers business.

“Gwad I hope so. You made me grey, but I’m gonna be bald by the time he’s out of the house.”

“Well, I am the better kid.”

“You are my favorite Daughter.” By now I was laughing.

“I am your only Daughter.”

So that was fun. I also went with my newly retired BFF to see Hillwood Museum today. The weather and gardens were beautiful, we saw a ton of interesting stuff, learned about Marjorie Merriweather Post and could sit in the warm shade at the café and have lunch. It was awesome with awesome sauce.

I’m on a roll. Yesterday Miss Peg and I went to the National Geographic exhibit of the Anglo-Saxen Horde discovered in Staffordshire, England by a guy with a metal detector. Since all roads lead to the gift shop, on the way out I discovered a pair of lovely amber and silver drop earrings. I called Mr. W immediately.

“Want me to buy you my Christmas present?” I asked him.

“SURE! He said happily, buy it and forgetaboutit.”

I’m also going to forgetabout a lovely amber pendent necklace that he doesn’t know he’s bought for my birthday.

Life is good in Empresspattiland.
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