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Best Saturday morning,...

Mostly due to boredom I tagged along with Mr. Wonderful to the barbershop for his haircut. After we were hitting the local fruit stand/shopping center to buy apples and pick up a few groceries.

He’s making a pie today and I like to encourage that.

Barbershop – for the first time ever I discovered Maxim Magazine. What an insightful and delightful glimpse into the priorities of men: Boobies. I might be old but some things never change.

Also, Mr. W didn’t know who Katy Perry was, which made me feel superior. Then inferior because who the hell cares about Katy Perry, anyway? My brain is filled with useless pointless pop culture. No one will go see Breaking Dawn with me, btw. I’m betrayed by my Daughter growing up.

Um – anyway - A rather hefty young man pitching a tantrum over his haircut interrupted my intent pursing of men’s magazines. ‘Close’ but not ‘short’ seemed to be the theme of the hissy fit. He stomped out in the nick of time because I couldn’t shove any more of my sweatshirt into my mouth to keep from laughing.

Anyone who thinks women angst over hair is missing 50% of the hair angst happening on any given Saturday. He demanded his $3 tip back and as we left the parking lot he was standing near his car yelling into his phone. Honestly, I almost giggled myself into a seizure.

I had recovered, except for minor eruptions of laughter, as I trotted around the store. When I got to the checkout line BONUS – my fav check out clerk.

“Don’t let me forget stamps” I told her. “This is my third attempt. I come in here for stamps, find something shiny instead and may never mail my electric bill.”

“Gurrl, I hear ya”, said the lady behind me in line. “Yesterday I came in for Windex and left with fried chicken.”

EGADS!! The three of us stood there howling with laughter. Everyone around us watched dumbfounded until we all calmed down, blew our noses and wiped our eyes. I can’t believe I had that much fun running errands on a typical Saturday. Mr. W is never going out in public with me again.

AND there is still pie to come!! Whoo Hoo!
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