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The Game is Afoot

If you've been reading my journal for a few years you might know about the Christmas Fatwa.  Here are a few helpfully provided links

The entire history :

OR - The Year of the Snake

AND the Trash Talk has begun for 2011...Otherwise to be known as IT IS OUR TURN....

From:  Empresspatti
To:  All the insane people
Now you've done it.  I didn't think my boys could get any more cranked up. 
Tom and Evan - I AM NOT BAILING YOU OUT OF JAIL.  PERIOD!  You have to be sneaky. 
From: Tom  (Mr. Wonderful)
To: Lynn
To: Mike
To: Empresspatti
To: Evan
Sent: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 6:36 am
Subject: Re: SAR Report: Twin Valley Lane
Bwaaaa hahahahahahahahahahah

From: Lynn
To: Mike
cc: Tom, Evan, Empresspatti
Sent: On 11/7/11 11:32 AM
You know you've done it now. Why didn't you just say "bring it on?"
From: Mike
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 07:44 AM
To: Tom (Mr. Wonderful)
To: Empresspatti
To: Evan
Cc: Lynn 
Subject: SAR Report: TV Lane
To:        Block Captains
From:    Mike Ahlers,  Chief, Twin Valley Defense Network
 I was very happy to see Sunday’s test of our Early Alert Warning System (EAWS) was successful.
Unmanned aerial systems first detected suspicious activity on Norbeck Road on Sunday and streamed video of a suspect vehicle through both encrypted and un-encrypted channels to numerous human spotters on TV Lane.
The human spotters use a wide array of interactive social media, digital communications devices and legacy telephone systems to relay warnings about the encroachment.
The suspects were interdicted, interviewed, found to be amateurish in appearance, ability and intent.
Even giving the success of the EAWS, I’d like to remind block captains that eternal vigilance is the price of our security.
Accordingly, we are re-doubling our technological response to threats, and Secy. Napolitano will visit our neighbor next weekend to launch a TV Lane Home Edition of her award-winning  “If you see something, say something” campaign. 
Regards,  Mike 

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