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Shit Happens

I think it was John Lennon who said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” 


Boy Howdie – that is one hard truth.


Mr. Wonderful’s  Mother is in the hospital awaiting emergency heart valve replacement surgery.  We are in orbit around our anxiety.  Zoom, zoom, zoom goes the brain, no place good.  I wish my head would SHUT UP! 


What a terrific person she is.  To name a few traits, educated, accomplished, great sense of humor and generally a joy.  Plus, she grew Mr. Wonderful from a pup (brave woman!) and trusted him to me. 


I hear Mother in law horror stories all the time.  Doesn’t apply in my little universe. I got the brass ring.  She’s my other Mother.  Having two great Mothers qualifies as riches beyond compare.  Truly.


So we spent a really anxious weekend in Hershey, Pa (which smells like heaven btw) where there is a world-class medical center.  My MIL is right where she needs to be.  It just sucks that she needs to be there, yaknow?


Meanwhile back at the ranch, the kids really stepped up, daughter coming home from college to stay with her younger brother.  It says something that Mr. W and I can up and leave knowing that the younger W’s are going to be adults and behave responsibly.


That would not have been me in my youth.  Got the brass ring in the children sweepstakes too.


So we worry and make plans, pray and fret.  When all goes well (I admit no other possibility) my MIL will recover here with us.  Maybe up to 12 weeks which is fine by me.  I’ll take good care of her.


Right now I am tearing up my daughters room, putting in a double bed and vacuuming like someone’s health might depend on it.  It’s better to keep busy. 


It was strange to pack my daughters stuff and make it MIL’s room.  I understand it intellectually, and want it to happen, but I still get this feeling that my daughter is even more gone than just away at college.  Is she still mine if all her high school stuff is packed away?


Why do I feel bad about that when having MIL here means she came through the ordeal?


I’m a mess – must eat chocolate.  Y’all go tell everyone you love that you love them. 


Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.









Tags: shit happens - mil heart drama
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