empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Thanksgiving 2011

In order of FUN:

There was a moment in the week before Thanksgiving when I first heard a Christmas Carol. I thought about throwing myself on the floor of the Shoppers Food Warehouse and throwing a tantrum. Then I bucked up, shopped, bought and cooked everything at the store for Thanksgiving 2011. Everyone enjoyed a Food Coma for the rest of the weekend. I’m officially over my pre holiday blues.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is always my favorite. The Dragorhir Battle Games takes place at a State Park near my house. I’ve written about it before, here. I love to go and watch the nutty fun.

Fav pix from this years gawking…..

How cute is greenface guy with his necklace of fingers?

These guys took time off from the battle to pose for me. Bet y’all didn’t know that the Trojans fought the Lord of the Rings guys…


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