empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Cinderella and Chicken Pox

When she was three, my Daughter came down with a wicked case of chicken pox. The doctor was firm - keep her home and give her benadryl. For fun, she watched Cinderella 17 times a day.

I still get nightmares about those singing mice.

Back then I was worried that she’d grow up to think people could treat her badly. Not the message I wanted her to absorb.

“Cinderella was a wimp,” I told her. “She should have stuck up for herself.”

Three weeks later, my girl was feeling much better. We were only watching Cinderella 10 times a day. I repeated my ‘wimp’ comment. My Daughter climbed into my lap, looked me in the eye and said “Grandma says she was just a victim of her times.”

I about died laughing. That settled the issue forever.

Fast forward 21 years. Here’s an email my Girl sent me from work on Thanksgiving evening….

I am watching Cinderalla on my iPad tonight, (only because I watched Gone With the Wind ON A LOOP last night on cable) and halfway through the movie I thought “you know, if she didn’t like living with these mean women, she could have gotten her own job and moved out.” And on Thanksgiving, 2011, I became my Mother.

Sometimes life is Just So Good!
Tags: cinderella and chicken pox
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