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2010/2011/2012 and other nonsense

Mr. Wonderful got a standup round of applause (DeerZilla) on Christmas afternoon when we showed up at our friends for the Holiday Feast. It was really funny. Then we talked, laughed, ate ourselves into a coma and drank a bunch.

It was a good Christmas. It was also different – the first Christmas we didn’t spend the whole day with our kids. It made us feel nostalgic for younger times.

I wasn’t expecting much from 2011. After all, in 2010 I traveled the world and had the Best Time Ever. What could compare?

2011 started with emotional whiplash. My Brother called to tell me he had prostrate cancer and immediately after I hung up the phone my Daughter came zipping through the door to announce her engagement.

PHEW – it was a lot to process in a short amount of time. My Brother is healthy and fine. My Daughter is happily married. Life goes on. I’ve been happy, mostly.

And that is where I stall. I spent most of 2011 BUSY. We had lots of company, wedding events and a great family vacation/wedding. Then I came home in September, cleaned my house and didn’t leave for weeks.

The only Christmas event I participated in was Cookie Baking Day with the Girls. I skipped the CNN party and every other invitation I received. Except for the Fatwa, I couldn’t be bothered.

So that’s what I have to work on in 2012 – being as happy with people as I am by myself. Whatever THING I’m having, time to get over it.

Oh – I should also lose about a zillion pounds. I promise myself this every January. My trajectory has been revolting in recent years. We’ll see. Luckily, I like going to the gym.

In other boring news, I did have a great New Years Eve. My Daughter was working the graveyard shift on the CNN Assignment Desk. Mr W declined the honor, but I went and had carry out Chinese with her and we talked and laughed for hours. She’s going to be traveling doing a lot for the CNN/GOP debates, so I won’t see much of her this winter. Boy Howdie - was it creepy in that empty newsroom/whole damn building and I managed to scare myself every time I used the potty, but it was nice to have some one on one time with my best girl.

OK – that was enough of the serious. Here’s the funny:

Monster the Wonderbunny discovered how to get on my Daughter’s couch. This skill opens whole new vistas of places to dingleberry and things to chew. If he figures out how to get on my furniture, I’ll prolly have an aneurism.

Couch climbing earned him a stint in the slammer. Monster does not like jail.

My Son – heading out New Years Eve looking criminally pretty.

HAPPY 2012 Y'ALL. I'm always honored to share your lives....
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