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The current state of me

In some much-appreciated happy news, my Son graduated from the local community college. He’s off to Temple University in Philly this fall to finish up his college degree. Thank you, handsome and kind Son, for saving us a bundle on your first two years of college.


We all attended his Graduation, and then we went out to lunch. Mr. W and my Mom had their own celebration.
Tom & Mom

So that was a Friday. Saturday morning, I went off with my Daughter to pick strawberries. $17 later, I was burping pink after a really fun morning. Arriving home, I was greeted by the sight of Mr. W, chopping 35 yr old front yard foundation plantings up with the chainsaw.


For just one moment, I thought about going all Fargo on him, but I hate blood and guts. I had mentioned how bad the bushes looked (the deer eat them all the time and they have a fungus) BUT I didn’t understand how that translated into ‘chainsaw the bushes now.’

Adding to the new Clampet-ish ambiance of the house is the huge electric meter, no longer hidden behind a (mangy, fungusy) bush. Plus, there are ugly stumps, which have been a BITCH to dig out. Extra special new project, yay! OTOH, if, while de-stumping, we manage to damage the electric meter, they will replace it with a smaller, less fugly or noticeable version, so I say swing that ax and remove that stump. As long as we don’t chop the house or, ya know, us.

All the surprise chainsaw fun resulted in a testy marriage enhancing discussion. Surprise piles of newly dead bushes made me grouchy. However, I was happy there was three dump runs in one weekend, to get rid of bushes. AND, since he was going anyway, how about taking a ton of old stuff out of the basement? So Yay! For spontaneous cleaning project to go with the chain saw garden project.
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