empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

The old ball game

Mr. Wonderful plays on the CNN softball team. He loves it, esp since the young guys who dominated the bench for the last few years have moved on to ESPN, Al Jazeera, China TV or whatever so he has a chance to play again. It’s hard to get old….

Since he’s a Geezer I insist that he no longer do dumb stuff like slide into base. So when he came home with his knees all scratched up and his boxers filled with dirt I got mad.

“You promised you wouldn’t do dumb stuff,” I reminded him.

“I didn’t slide into base.” Mr. W told me. “I hit a solid line drive and was running to first base. I tripped over my feet and face planted. The earth shook.”

I blanched, he patted me and said “It gets better. The kid on first base dropped his glove and came running towards me saying, “Mister, are you alright?”

I started to laugh – Mr. W continued. “I crawled right past him and got my hand on first base. SAFE.”

My Hero.
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