empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Naked men are ok, but can they bake?

Friday night I went with book club girlfriends to see Magic Mike. The theatre was packed with hooting women. One dance number in, I realized that the movies were as close as I ever wanted to get to a strip club. It was fun in a brainless way – lots of pretty hairless chests and tight butts.


Not one of those pretty boys possesses a nano second of betterness over Mr. Wonderful and his overweight, middle aged splendor.

Mr. W won first place in the pie bake off at CNN Friday. I’d put his blueberry pie making skills up against the entire cast of the movie. Those guys might be able to dance in thongs in front of screaming drunken women, but my man bakes. What are abs compared to that?


Then, minutes after I got home, the sky turned black, lightening started cracking nonstop, wind came through sounding like a huge train and the trees began thrashing around. It was the end of days.

My ‘hood has buried electrical lines, so we didn’t lose power. Most everyone else in Our Nations Capital did. I collected my Parents (who live right up the street) early Saturday morning, along with the contents of their fridge and freezer and moved them in. They left 15 minutes ago, delighted to have a/c again in their own homes.

Monster the Wonderbunny had a horrible Friday night. When my Daughter got home, he was cowering under the couch, ears flat back, scared out of his tiny bunny brain because of the lightening and thunder. He bolted to my Daughters side and followed her from room to room. He couldn’t even be consoled with a pair of socks to chew. Look how miserable he was.

Monster scared

It took a lot of petting and treats for him to quit cowering. He sat on her feet the rest of the evening. Bunny security!
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