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Long time no see

Jeeze Louise – you’d think I’d be organized enough to post more regularly on lj.

All of July was Life On Rollerskates.

My Family continues the long walk of grief & recovery re the death of my cousin. It’s hard.

Mother in Law and Dear Friend continue their recovery from life threatening illness.

Daughter and Son doing great – She worked the Capitol Hill booth for CNN the other day and got to see the Assholes of the House of Representatives fiddling while the budget burns.

Son leaves for Temple University in Philly in less than three weeks. We will truly be empty nesters. Mr. W will take it harder than me but we both recognize The End of an Era. I read someplace that childhood consists of 900 Saturdays. I’m really, really glad that we enjoyed each and every one with our kids. The adults they’ve turned into are pretty wonderful too.

Speaking of WONDERFUL – the annual Visit of the Twin happened in July. They are my brother’s kids – 16 year old 6ft California beautiful brainiacs who come for a few weeks every year. How my perfectly ordinary Brother (who I love very much) had that matched pair of STANDOUTS is one of the mysteries of the universe. Sersly – they were culled off to a special school the equivalent of Hogwarts by 5th grade, they are so smart. BOY ARE THEY FUN!!


We had a trip to the beach, ran them around DC, took them to my gym and played endless rounds of boys against girl’s card games. It should be noted that, led by Grandma - THE GIRLS ALWAYS WON. The Boys suffered from being stomped on nightly. It was GREAT.

I had a two-week period of cooking dinner for 9-15 people almost every night. PLUS – it is truly staggering how much 16 yr olds eat. Alex, my niece, plays volleyball on a team that took the silver in the Jr Olympics. She’s also a math whiz. Josh, my nephew, is a runner.

While they are here they LOVE to make bread in the bread machine every day. This year I had an ice cream maker, which kept them busy too. They invented a different ice cream for every meal.

I’m so glad my Parents and I live on the same street. The Twins can run back and forth between houses and it works out great. Here they are with my Parents.

GnG Josh Alex

Then suddenly they were on their way back to California. Mr. W had a business trip and Son went to the beach. I ate beans from a can, didn’t leave the house for two days & 15 loads of laundry, barely answered the phone and slept 10 hours a night. It’s really sad that having so much fun made me so tired!

8/1/12 was the first big publisher deadline for my work with Stan the Man. We had to have 50% of all the changes for the 4th edition of his book “How to Retire Happy.” I’m happy to report that we hit the deadline without losing our minds. It’s been really interesting work and I’m going to be sorry when it’s over. Final revisions have to be in by October 1.

Which will be timely BECAUSE my Cousin the Travel Writer, currently a contributing editor for National Geographic, emailed me the other day to say that he was going to cruise the Caribbean Nov 17 to 27. His girlfriend can’t go, did I want to?


My only expense is going to be the airfare from DC to Ft Lauderdale Fla ($200, approx) AND I will cheerfully miss Thanksgiving with the family this year. Not that I don’t love them all – but for once in my life to not have to host a huge event meal sounds good to me!

So that’s it in a nutshell.
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