empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Hey YA!

Suddenly, I feel like me again. Which is surprising considering that in the last two weeks I attended BF’s Moms funeral AND have been driving my other friend (last seen with aortic dissection) to see her Dad in hospice.

BUT for all the anguish and grief this year has brought, I noticed the other day that I was happy for no particular reason. It is a great improvement over the angry misery that I’ve grappled with this year.

Of course, now that I’ve let that thought fly, I’m prolly in for another dose of 2012 angst. Oh well. I was glad to enjoy my basically hopeful nature, for however long it lasts. It’s a pleasant break from the non-stop shit storm. Um- sorry, apparently I still get angry easily. Is it 2013 yet?

Speaking of happy - Friday night my book club broke our July/Aug hiatus (we missed each other and saw an opportunity) to meet at a local restaurant for happy hour. We knocked back drinks and appetizers, caught up with each other and generally had a great time. I had three glasses of wine and slept like a snoring old person after. It was great.

Saturday morning my beloved Miss Peg, husband Gary and their oldest Son came over for bagels and goodbye to our Son. Who leaves for KOLLEGE (Temple U, Philly) Wednesday. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and had a great time eating, drinking coffee and generally laughing and recommending books to each other. They are such good friends.

THEN Saturday night, Mr. W and I got a glimpse of how the 1% plays. A friend –as a work bonus- got clubhouse tickets to National Stadium for a Nats-Met game and invited us to come with. I’d been to the CNN skybox before, which is nice – private potty, padded seats, air conditioned room w/ game on TV if sitting outside is too tough. THIS however, was a whole new level.

No metro for us. We had special parking. The minute we entered the building a very nice handler very politely fitted us with hospital-like wristbands. This gave me squickage for a tiny second, given my year so far. I got over it. Yellow wristband entitled us to clubhouse privileges. I recognized the room from CNN Christmas parties (minus the karaoke, thank you Jebus).

However, party resemblance ended at the door.

There were seven separate (huge) buffet stations NOT including the free bar. If standing in the buffet line for buffalo shrimp/prime rib/fairy dust/crab artichoke dip was too onerous, a minion would deliver food/drinks to your seat. As many times as you wanted. Our minion checked on us about every half hour. I got Caesar Salad while I watched the game. Sersly.

After the Nats lost to the Mets, we got to stay for a concert by Third Eye Blind. Then we were ushered from the building by handy DC Police holding traffic back for us.

I really have to win the lottery. THAT WAS FUN.

Today has been all about the packing. As always, I’m so grateful that our kids chose to spend some of their college time living at home. It saved us a bundle and allowed us to enjoy the adults they became. We’ll miss our boy. I’m going to paint his room as revenge for him leaving.
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